Welcome to Science!
It is a pleasure to welcome my students back for the 2016- 17 school year at Totten. Some of you will be in the  8th grade science classes and others will be in the Living Environment Regents classes.  These classes should be challenging to you and help you to understand the world around you better.  There is an emphasis on hands- on learning and in student- initiated science investigations.  Keep your mind open to all the new topics & ideas  we will experience.  Come prepared everyday to get the most out of our time together.
Class supply list is below. I expect all my students to have a designated notebook for science (not a binder), a folder for science work only and several pens and pencils everyday.  That's it! 
My goal is to make our science class one of your favorites!  With your contributions it will be great.

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---Totten Science Department---

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Email: msverderber@yahoo.com or averderber2@schools.nyc.gov

Study Tips:
  • Complete homework assignments
  • 10 minutes a day to review your  class notes
  • Create Index cards
  • Read through the index cards
  • Eat Breakfast everyday
  • Rewrite vocabulary words
  • Rewrite the notes from the review sheet into your notebook to promote "Muscle Memory"
  • Circle words you aren't sure of
  • Add these words to your Vocab Section with a definition

Dates to Remember
Sept 8 Return to School
Sept 12 No School/ Eid al- Adha
Oct 3 & 4 No school Rosh Hashanah
Oct 10 No School Columbus Day
Oct 12 No School Yom Kippur
Nov 8 Election Day No school for Students
Nov 11 Veteran's Day No school

Classroom Supplies for All classes:
  • Notebook for Science Only (Marble or Spiral only- NO BINDERS!!!)
  • Folder for Science Only
  • Index Cards
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • Graph paper & looseleaf paper
  • Recommended: Flash Drive, Stickies
  • Requested: 1 roll of paper towels or handsoap (NO Antibacterial handwash!!)
  • Appreciated: 1 pack of Copy Paper