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Homework & Assignments

701, 703, 706 & 710:  Homework & Assignments  (Homework is Due the next class period)
Copy questions!

           Write a paragraph in your notebook that states your opinion about fracking and includes 2 reasons to support your opinion.
           The reasons may be from the claim you read or one of the other claims from the article, "Is fracking safe?" Click here for article link
                Click Her for Test Review Material 1
                 Click Here for Practice Questions
Vocab (NB) Continental, pangea, mesosaurus
            Click Here for the reading, Clues to Earth's Past,
                 use to help you complete the vocabulary
             Vocabulary Worksheet for 703 Click Here
            Vocabulary Worksheet for 701, 706, 710 Click Here

  • Due Friday, 9/20:  9/16 In Vocab section of NB, use the Flexbook:
          1.Define:  control, dependent variable, hypothesis, independent variable, physical model, theory
          2.Read pg. 1-10 recall pg. 10 #1-2
  • 9/11-12 Safety Poster :Create a lab safety poster using the lab safety information in the front of your textbook (Internet OK)
           Poster should be on copy paper size.  Original art and writing is preferred!
            -Copy or Print & attach into your notebook the Lab Safety Rules from the Link on the Lab Page.  Study these rules for your safety quiz.  Use them for your safety poster.
  • 9/9-10 Contract signed for next class