Lab Policy

Living Environment students will have a total of 6 science periods per week. 
  8th grade Science students will have labs during their regular class time.
All students are expected to follow the lab report format for their scheduled labs.
LE students must complete a minimum of 1200 minutes (approximately 30 satisfactory lab reports) for their portfolios.
Fulfilling the lab requirement qualifies LE students to take the NYS Regents Exam.
A student that does not hand in satisfactory lab reports may not be eligible to take the NYS Regents Exam.  This a NYS policy.
Please ensure that you are up to date with lab reports.  If you are absent and miss a lab, you will need to do a make up lab,  There are makeup labs found in the chart below. 
Makeups are not always possible, so please be aware that your attendance will impact your grade and Regents eligibility.
You will receive one copy of the assigned lab.  If you need another copy, they are available here for you to print at home.

Lab Safety Rules must be followed at all times

Lab Report Rubric: Click Here

Make up Labs at End Of List

Ms. Verderber's Website
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Ms. Verderber's General Lab Report Guidelines
  • Reports should be handwritten on seperate paper and/ or a completed lab handout.
  • All graphs should be on graph paper or completed on the handout provided
  • Please hand in all work, including your notes or drafts from the investigations.  Generally, the better I can understand what you are thinking the better I can accurately grade your efforts.
  • Effort counts!  Not all labs will have the same conclusion or answers, so make sure I know how hard you worked.
  • Please discuss any scheduling problems with me in advance.  If you wait till the last minute I may not be able to accomodate a request.  Remember you are in a class of 33 and class moves on without you.
  • Generally you will work with a lab partner or group. Efficient partners can often begin the lab report in school.  Any problems that can't be worked out should be brought to my attention.

#18 & 19 Osmosis Red Onion Cell LE & NYS Diffusion Lab
130 minutes
# 29 Genetics Fly Lab LE
Handout Only
#32 Peppered Moth LE
#34 Perch Dissection

Mandatory Lab 1
Making Connections

Classroom Handout only

Mandatory Lab 2
Diffusion Across a Membrane

Classroom Handout only

Mandatory Lab 3
Relationships and Biodiversity

Classroom Handout only
Powerpoint Links

Mandatory Lab 4
Beaks of Finches

Classroom Handout only
Only for missed Fly Lab/ Genetics
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